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The Brand  & The Designer 

KI.BY.KN is black owned luxury fashion designed by Kileigh Nichelle. The brand name is an abbreviation of Ki. by Kileigh Nichelle, which was created in 2016. The purpose of the brand stemmed from her love of designing and styling clothing that catered to petite and modern women’s curves.

 She noticed that luxury lacked to represented woman who shared   characteristics similar to hers. Therefore, Kileigh Nichelle used her   innovative artistic talents and   confident entrepreneurial spirit to create KI.BY.KN with her MacBook   Air, a notebook, a sewing machine. 

 Four years later, she has showcased   her designs in 3 fashion shows and   her clothing has been worn by   recording artist in their visual art. Kileigh Nichelle designs and carefully  curated items are available for right  here at



Our Mission

Innovatively Sexy.

KI.BY.KN designs innovative clothing essentials that convey authentic luxury for modern women. Each design is crafted to enhance the natural sexiness of women’s curves with sleek, modern, and effortless materials.


KI.BY.KN’s designs create ease in modern women’s wardrobe by providing versatility, comfort, and simplicity. We provide visual styling content to maximize the value of the garments and decrease the decision-making time in the dressing process.


We are a fresh designer clothing brand that is inspired to design new structural ways to bring emphasis to the beauty that exists throughout the bodies of women. We stand out by intermixing urban, edge, simplicity, and sexiness in ways that are unconventional but highly functional.